What Tedder Is Right for Your Harvesting Needs

What Tedder Is Right for Your Harvesting Needs

If you're knee-deep in the world of farming, you've probably heard the age-old saying — "Make hay while the sun shines." And that's no exaggeration because harvesting hay at the right time is crucial for preserving its quality. So, what tedder is right for your harvesting needs? If you're a farmer in the know, you understand that the answer to this question can make or break your hay game.

Hay tedders, often pulled by a trusty tractor, are the unsung heroes of the hayfield. These machines help you dry your freshly cut grass quickly and evenly, ensuring your hay retains all that essential nutrition and remains mold-free. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting out, choosing the right tedder is no small feat, but it's an essential one.

We're here to simplify the process and help you find the perfect hay tedder to match your unique harvesting needs. So, saddle up, partner, and let's mosey through!

Turbo Tedders

When it comes to turbo tedders for your farming needs, Pequea has you covered. From wide working widths to hay-preserving fluffer tedders, there's a perfect choice waiting for you.

HT4102 Turbo Tedder

Let's take a gander at the HT4102 Turbo Tedder — a real workhorse for your hayfield needs. This four-rotor beauty, built tough in North America, boasts an expansive 18-foot 2-inch working width, making it one of the widest four-rotor tedders out there.

What sets the HT4102 apart? Well, it's got some essential features that'll make your farming life easier. Those big, sturdy tires ensure smoother field travel, so you'll spend less time dealing with flats. Plus, it's equipped with real 4-bolt hubs and tapered bearings, adding to its longevity and allowing for faster travel.

This turbo tedder runs smoothly when it comes to unfolding and folding. No ropes or latches are needed — just some quick hydraulics in action. It's all about efficiency, partner.

Maintenance? Easy as pie. The hydraulic manifold is right next to the front tilt cylinder, making hose checks and tightening a breeze. And with its tubular tine arms, you've got extra durability on your side, along with shot-peened double tines for a smooth installation.

HT6102 Turbo Tedder

If you're looking for something rugged and reliable, let us introduce you to the HT6102 Turbo Tedder. This six-rotor wonder offers a whopping 26-foot 6-inch working width, making it the go-to choice for larger operations.

One standout feature of the HT6102 is its transport cart. Need to move from field to field? No problem. Just fold it up and let it rest on the cart. Those airplane tires keep it steady during both tedding and transport, while the built-in suspension helps prevent wrapping in those long crops.

With automatic transport locks, safety and convenience are essential here, so your wheels stay in line during travel but have freedom in the field.

As with all the HT Series Tedders, this one comes equipped with tubular tine arms for added field durability. Plus, it's got shot-peened double tines for a hassle-free setup.

If you've got some serious ground to cover and need a heavy-duty tedder, the HT6102 is here to get the job done. Time to turbocharge your hay harvest!

HT6202 Turbo Tedder

If you're in the market for a turbo tedder that won't break the bank but still packs a punch, the HT6202 Turbo Tedder is worth a closer look. Designed for those aiming to maximize working width while keeping road travel in check, this six-rotor powerhouse offers a generous 26-foot 6-inch working width without denting your budget.

The HT6202 stands out as the most cost-effective option in the tedder market. What's more, it's the only tedder with a "T-Flex" rubber torsion suspension under its rotors, providing an extra layer of protection and a smoother ride in the field. Your hay and your tedder will thank you for it.

Like its siblings in the HT Series, the HT6202 has tubular tine arms for added durability and shot-peened double tines for easy installation.

HT8101 Turbo Tedder

Are you looking for a beast of a tedder? Meet the HT8101 Turbo Tedder — a large rotary tedder with all the bells and whistles a commercial farmer dreams of. This powerhouse features carbo-austempered input gears, durable 1 and 1/8-inch hexagonal driveshafts, and a heavy-duty PTO clutch with a 16NM radial pin, guaranteeing its long-lasting performance.

Covering a generous 35-foot span, it offers time and cost savings. Like its siblings in the TurboTedders family, it's loaded with seven arms per rotor, armed with asymmetrical tines on heavy pipe arms for unwavering durability.

What sets the HT8101 apart is its fold-up cart for safe and efficient road transport, complete with airplane tires and built-in suspension. Automatic transport locks keep it stable on the road while allowing movement in the field.

HT8101 Turbo Tedder

X Series Tedders

Let's explore the world of X Series Tedders by Pequea. These tedders are designed to meet various farming needs, from smaller fields to more extensive operations. Check out the options below to find the right fit for your hay-harvesting requirements.

26X Series Tedder

The compact yet efficient 26X Series Tedder is perfect for small-scale hay operations. This X Series Tedder aerates and fluffs hay, accelerating uniform drying while minimizing damage, essential for top-quality forage production.

With a 9-foot 7-inch working width and six tine arms per rotor, it ensures a thorough job. Hydraulic tilt, durable gearboxes and rotor tires keep it rolling smoothly, making it an ideal choice for smaller fields needing high-quality hay.

46X Series Tedder

The 46X Series Tedder combines premium features with a value price, offering efficiency for smaller to medium-sized operations. The 46X Series Tedder aerates and fluffs hay, ensuring uniform drying and minimizing damage, a crucial tool for farmers aiming to produce top-quality hay for livestock or sale.

Sporting a 17-foot 4-inch working width and hydraulic fold and tilt, it offers a cost-efficient and dependable solution for hay-tedding needs, with a total of six robust tine arms per rotor.

66X Series Tedder

Meet the big brother of the 46X, the 66X Series Tedder. With an impressive 24-foot working width and six sturdy tine arms per rotor, each featuring asymmetrical tines, it stands as a robust option for larger fields. Featuring hydraulic fold and tilt, this high-performing tedder is designed for the big challenges of vast hayfields.

The 66X Series Tedder efficiently aerates and fluffs hay, ensuring uniform drying and minimizing damage, making it an essential tool for farmers in large agricultural operations producing top-quality hay.

Fluffer Tedders

Let's delve into the world of Fluffer Tedders by Pequea. These tedders are the masters of gentle hay handling, perfect for preserving those valuable leaves. There's a fluffer tedder here that's just right for your hay-harvesting needs.

710 Fluffer Tedder

The 710 Fluffer Tedder — a labor-saving wonder — gently lifts and releases hay with precision, allowing farmers to control hay drying for top-quality forage. It's a game-changer, ensuring uniform curing and quicker drying, making it essential for baling or chopping operations. Built by Pequea in New Holland, Pennsylvania, it's the go-to choice for farmers dedicated to high-quality forage and reliable equipment.

910 Fluffer Tedder

The 910 Fluffer Tedder — a top-tier implement — gently lifts and preserves hay leaves with care, offering labor-saving benefits for uniform drying. Ideal for the last step before baling or chopping, it lets you control hay drying, creating high-quality forage. With its advanced features, the 910 Fluffer Tedder is a go-to choice for farmers committed to producing top-quality forage that meets the highest standards for livestock nutrition or forage market sales.

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