Why are tedders the best tool for making high-quality hay?

  Why are Hay Tedders considered to be the best tool for making high-quality dry hay and forage? Find a Pequea Dealer Near You Better Control of Moisture Content One of the biggest challenges in hay production is controlling the moisture content of the hay. Too much moisture can lead to mold and spoilage, while…

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From Seed to Feed: Caring for and Harvesting Timothy Hay

  Timothy hay is a popular forage crop that is widely grown and used as feed for horses and livestock. It is a high-quality grass that is rich in fiber and nutrients, making it an ideal food source for animals that require a high-fiber diet. In this blog post, we will discuss how to care…

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Best Ag Shows of 2023

The ag trade shows of 2023 provide an opportunity to network with industry peers, learn about innovations and discuss new ideas. Agriculture technology is continuously evolving and improving. Learning about the changes at an agriculture trade show keeps you on par with your peers. A farm convention is an opportunity for growth. They are excellent places to…

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The Best Orchard Fertilizers for Your Fruit Trees

Growing and maintaining an orchard is no simple feat. Even just growing a single fruit tree is delicate work. Choosing what kind of fertilizer you use for your orchard is a significant decision, but we’ve broken down the quintessential do’s and don’ts of fertilizing your orchard. Find a Pequea Dealer Near You What to Consider…

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What Can Agricultural Businesses Do to Save Money?

saving money

Running a thriving farm is a balancing act. Variables like the number of chores to do and the necessary materials to work successfully must all coincide in perfect harmony for agricultural businesses to thrive. Unfortunately, economic uncertainties like changing policies and expenses make it challenging to keep things running smoothly. Find out how you can…

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5 Tips For Reducing Dust During Your Almond Harvest

Reducing dust harvest

As an almond farmer, you’re familiar with harvest dust production. When your machine collects the nuts, fans blow away excess dirt and debris — it’s part of the process and has been for a long time. However, California’s Almond Board has set new regulations and goals for controlling dust pollution. From now on, you’ll have…

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Protecting Your Crops From Frost: 6 Tips and Tricks

Protecting crops

Overnight frost can be unpredictable and wreak havoc on your crops. As the season turns, it’s important to be ready for the effects of cold weather, including overnight accumulation of frost. Frost damages plants by changing the water in plant cells to ice, hurting the tissue. The lower the temperature, the more harmful this can…

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