Turbo Tedders


With an 18’ 2” working width, the Model HT4102 is one of the widest 4-rotor tedders available. Built tough in North America, it sports these essential features: large tires for smoother field travel and fewer  flats and real 4-bolt hubs with tapered bearings that last longer and allow for faster travel. The improved hydraulics enable quick folding and unfolding no ropes or latches are needed. All Pequea Turbo Tedders feature seven asymmetrical tines per rotor mounted on arms made from heavy pipe for durability. Heavy enclosed oil-bath commercial gearboxes include a 5 year warranty. At the pivot points, power is transferred through carbo-austempered finger drives to the rotors. Hydraulic fold and tilt are also standard, so there’s no need to leave the tractor until the job is done. Find a Pequea Dealer near you to get the HT401.

HT4102 Turbo Tedder


Working Width 18′ 2″
Outside Tine Width 17′ 10″
Transport Width 9′ 2″
Overall Length 9′ 8″
Number of Rotors 4
Tine Arms per Rotor     7
Linkage Trailed
Rotor Tire 18.5 x 8
Weight 1,350 lb
Hydraulic Requirement 1,520 psi
PTO Power Requirement    30 hp
Rotor Gearbox Enclosed Grease
Center Gearbox Oil Bath
Tine Arm Material 1″ Schedule 80 Pipe
Rotor Spindle Wheel Hub     4-Bolt with Tapered Bearings
Transport Lights N/A


  • The HT4102 was designed to make maintenance easy – with the hydraulic manifold mounted right next to the front tilt cylinder, it makes it simple to check or tighten hoses.
  • Simple, reliable hydraulic system. The 4102 folds up quickly with just one cylinder on each side.
  • The HT4102 folds over center so no clumsy ropes or latches needed. Just fold and go.
  • Like all HT Series Tedders, the HT4102 features tubular tine arms. Tubular arms provide extra durability in the field. A shot-peened double tine slides over the arm for easy installation.


Gearbox Warranty

Tedder Brochure


HT4102 Parts manual


HT4102 Operators Manual