X Series Tedders


The 66X builds on the success of the 46X, Pequea’s premium tedder at a great value. This tedder offers a large 24′ working width and includes the key features people love about Pequea’s tedders: large tires for smooth field travel and fewer flats, and real 4-bolt hubs with tapered bearings that last longer and allow for faster travel. The 66X has six flat bar tine arms per rotor with asymmetrical tines on each arm. Heavy enclosed oil-bath commercial gearboxes are driven by a hexagonal shaft. At the pivot points, power is transferred through forged steel, carbo-austempered finger drives. Hydraulic fold and tilt are also standard, so there’s no need to leave the tractor until the job is done. Find a 66X for you using our Pequea Dealer locator.

Image of pequea 66x tedder.


Working Width 25′ 5″
Outside Tine Width 24′ 11″
Transport Width 11′ 2″
Overall Length 9′ 8″
Number of Rotors 6
Tine Arms per Rotor     6
Linkage Trailed
Rotor Tire 18.5 x 8
Weight 1,900 lb
Hydraulic Requirement 1,300 psi
PTO Power Requirement   50 hp
Rotor Gearbox Enclosed Grease
Center Gearbox Oil Bath
Tine Arm Material .5 inch Steel Flatbar
Rotor Spindle Wheel Hub     4-Bolt with Tapered Bearings
Hydraulic Remotes Needed




  • Power is transferred through the pivots by forged, carbo-austempered finger drives that stay engaged when the tedder is folded for transport.
  • Each rotor is supported by 18.5 x 8″ implement Tired and real 4 bolt hubs with tapered bearings.
  • Hydraulic is standard on the 66X, like all Pequea Rotary Tedders, to create tine clearance on the go. A threaded rod on the cylinder allows for finetuned adjustment.
  • The 66X uses high-strength flat bar tine arms to hold six asymmetrical tines on each rotor.





Tedder Brochure


HT66X Operators Manual


HT66X Parts manual


HT66X Cut Sheet