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Pequea’s Windrow Pro is an overhead frame, crop-driven wheel rake that offers increased capacity for efficient raking without sacrificing hay quality. This rake allows you to gather up to 29′ of hay into a single windrow, maximizing productivity. With a range of standard features and Pequea’s commitment to quality, the Windrow Pro offers exceptional value in the wheel rake market, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising performance. To learn more, check out our other Wheel Rakes or Ag Equipment and find a Pequea Dealer near you today!

1820 HD Wheel Rake


Number of Wheels            17 (52″ Diameter)
Rake Tines 18 Rubber Mounted Double Tines (36 Teeth)
Rake Wheel Hubs Heavy Duty Tapered Bearings (2 Sets per Wheel)
Rake Wheel Covers  UV Resistant Poly Sheets
Anti Hay Wrap Standard
Axles Heavy Duty Walking Beams with 2″ Removable Spindles
Tires 9.5L – 15 Implement Tires
Raking Width 29′
Transport Width 12′ 4″
Lighting Running Lights, Turn Signals, Rear Working Light
Bridge Frame Cylinder (2) 60″ Stroke Cylinders
Beam Angle Adjustable
Hydraulic Requirement 4 GPM
Hydraulic System Closed Center (Open Center Optional)
Controls Electric over Hydraulics
Weight 5,450 lb



  • Double tines mounted in rubber handles crops gently.
  • The Precision Spring option gives you more control over wheel pressure and reduces wear on components.
  • All controls are done from the tractor seat with convenient control box.
  • Quickly adjust wheel beam angle, allowing you to change for varied crop conditions.
  • This easy-to-use ratchet adjusts the pitch of the overall machine.



1820HD Ops Manual


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WindrowPro 1820HD parts breakdown 100103+


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