Rotary Rakes


Pequea’s HR-939 Haymaker is simple, sturdy, and reliable. With a 9′ raking width, it is designed for small to mid-size farms but built to last. Like all Pequea Rotary Rakes, the rake features two walking beams and a lift cylinder to navigate any terrain. Explore our selection of Hay Tedders and Ag Equipment or find a Pequea Dealer near you.

HR939 Hay Rake


Working Width 10′ 8″
Raking Width 9′
Transport Width 9′ 4″
Gearbox Enclosed Oil Bath
Gear Reduction 7.9:1
Number of Rotors 1
Tine Arms per Rotor     9
Double Tines per Arm 3
PTO HP Requirement 30 HP – 540 RPM
Hydraulic Requirement 6 GPM / 1200 psi
Direction of Raking Action   Left
Weight 1,050 lbs.
Axle Walking Beams
Tire and Wheel 18.5 x 8 Flotation Tire on 4 Bolt Painted Steel Rim



  • The Standard Tandem Bogie Axle Provides smooth travel in rougher fields.
  • Pitch adjustment is quick and easy. Using the crank on the front lift cylinder the rake is set and will always return to the raking position when lowered into raking position
  • All units are equipped with a rear lift cylinder. The rake can be raised for clearing windrows or for transport in and out of fields.
  • The HR939 has an easy to adjust curtain.



HR939 Parts manual


Rotary Rake Ops Manual


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