Box Manure Spreaders


With a 250 bushel capacity, Pequea’s 250P is designed to withstand the demands of today’s mid-size farm. The manure spreader box is constructed of fully welded 10 Gauge High Strength steel. Our large PTO model manure spreaders include 2 speed gearboxes, with a neutral and cleanout setting.

250P options include:
-Tandem Axle
-Fine Spread Pan
-Top Beaters
-Hydraulic End Gate


Struck Capacity         128 cu. ft.
Heaped (Old Rating) Capacity    250 Bu.
Overall Length20′ 5″
Overall Width92″
Loading Height44″
Flared Width72″
Box Width60″
Box Length160″
Box Height24-1/2″
Box Construction Fully Welded 10 Gauge High Strength Steel
Floor ConstructionHigh Density Poly Vinyl 3/4″ Tongue & Groove
Beater Paddles10 Replaceable
Beater Diameter26″
DrivePTO with 2 Speed Gearbox
Apron Chain    7/16″ T-Rod
Spindle2-1/2″, Optional Tandem Axle
Wheels/Tires10.00 x 20 Off-Road Tire on 20 x 7-8 Bolt Hub
Jack2,000 lb
Weight with Tires2,620 lb
Tongue Weight Empty200 lb
Tongue Weight Loaded     450 lb
Power Required at PTO55 HP




250P Parts (2019)


Box Manure Spreader Brochure_UPDATED