Orchard Spreaders


Pequea’s skinniest vineyard spreader, the GSN-8, offers a compact 52″ overall width for fitting in between the tightest row. But don’t be fooled by the slim profile, the GSN-8 can still haul a load. An 8′ steep angled hopper allows for a 4.2 cubic yard heaped capacity and up to a 7,200 lb load.

GSN8 Orchard Spreader Features


Overall Height           76 – 82″ (Adjustable Axle Hangers
Overall Width52″
Overall Length13′ 2″ – 13′ 8″ (Depending on Attachment)
Hopper Width (Top)    52″
Hopper Length8′
Floor Width24″
Capacity  3.4 cu yd (Struck) 4.2 cu yd (Heaped)
Payload7,200 lb
Empty Weight2,700 lb
HydraulicsPTO Pump
Flow ControlAdjustable Flow Control for Conveyors and Spinners
Floor & Chain667X Chain on 3/4″ Poly Tongue and Groove Floor
AxleAdjustable Hangers
Tire and Wheel12.5L x 15 x 10-Ply on 6 Bolt Wheel
Optional AttachmentsDual Spinner, Dual Conveyor, Deflector, Flicker



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