The TRCH18 and TRCH20 Car Hauler Trailers are designed to deliver a seamless hauling experience for both professionals and enthusiasts. Built with robust structural channel frames and slipper leaf spring suspensions, they ensure durability and smooth handling on the road. Both models include removable fenders, 6-foot slide-in ladder ramps, and electric brakes on both axles for enhanced safety and convenience.

The TRCH18 offers a more compact design, while the TRCH20 provides additional deck length for those needing extra space. Whether for business or personal use, these car hauler trailers are a reliable and versatile choice for all your vehicle transportation needs.

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TRCH20 Skidsteer Trailer


Overall Width 101″ 101″
Deck Width 82” 82”
Deck Length 16′ Flat + 2′ Boarded Tail 18′ Flat + 2′ Boarded Tail
Deck Height 23 1/2” 23 1/2”
Main Frame 5” x 6.7lb Structural Channel 5” x 6.7lb Structural Channel
Axles 2 Dexter 3.5k 2 Dexter 5k
Suspension Slipper Leaf Springs Slipper Leaf Springs
Wheels  5 Bolt 15” 6 Bolt 15”
Tires 205/75 D15 225/75 D15
Hitch 2 5/16 Ball Coupler 2 5/16” Ball Coupler
Jack 2k Top Wind 2k Top Wind
Brakes Electric Brakes Electric Brakes
Weight 2,000lbs 2,200lbs



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