Litter/Lime Spreaders


The Pequea SP Series Spreaders are offered in 16′, 18′, 20′, and 22′ hopper lengths, the SP spreaders bring up to 580 cubic foot hauling capacity along with easy-to-use flow control valves for the apron and spinner speeds. With over 15 different options available including a truck mount configuration, the SP Series is highly adaptable to any environment.

SP400 Litter Poultry Spreader


Hopper Length          16′
Hopper Width (Top) 96″
Approx Overall Height 90″
Overall Length 26′
Overall Width 97″
Struck Capacity 10.7 cu. yd.
Heaped Capacity 16.7 cu. yd.
Payload 20,000 lb
Base Weight    6,000 lb
Chain Width 35″
Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Standard
Sight Window Standard
Floor 3/4″ x 6″ Tongue and Groove Poly Floor
Chain       Heavy Duty 88K
Spinner Disc Diameter 25″
Spinner Disc Thickness 1/4″
Spinner Paddles 6 Bolt on Reinforced
Adjustable Spinners and Spinner Frame     Standard



  • Transport lights
  • Rear flood lights
  • 16′, 18′, 20′ and 22′ hopper lengths
  • Up to 580 cubic foot hauling capacity
  • Truck mount or tandem axle configurations
  • Hydraulic flow controls for quick, fine-tuned adjustment of floor and spinner speeds
  • Heavy duty 88k floor chain runs on lifetime poly tongue and groove flooring
  • Heavy duty 25″ spinner discs ensure a smooth and consistent spread pattern



Litter Spreader Ops Manual


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SP Series Rate Chart

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