Lime Spreaders


Pequea’s SL 6 is a compact yet highly powerful lime spreader capable of carrying up to six tons of material. It comes standard with variable hydraulic web and spinner controls and heavy duty walking beams. For increased precision and automated traceability, Pequea offers the Digistar Automated Rate Controller System as an option.

SL6 Lime Spreader


Overall Height            81″
Overall Width 73″
Overall Length 17′ 11″
Hopper Width (Top)     70″
Hopper Length 9′
Floor Width 24″
Capacity   140 CU. FT.
Payload 6 ton (12,000 lb)
Empty Weight 4,000 lb
Flow Control Adjustable Flow Control for Conveyors and Spinners
Floor & Chain 667X Chain on 3/4″ Poly Tongue and Groove Floor
Axle  Heavy Duty Tandem Walking Beam
Tire and Wheel 12.5L x 15 10 Ply
Spinner Disc  Diameter     25″
Spinner Disc Thickness 1/4″



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SL6 Rate Chart

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