Lime Spreaders


Pequea’s SL10 is our highest capacity lime spreader, designed to carry up to 10 tons of material. This robust spreader comes standard with adjustable flow control for both the web and spinners, an electronic floor shut-off, and heavy-duty walking beams, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. For those seeking enhanced precision and automated traceability, the Digistar Automated Rate Controller System is available as an option, allowing for meticulous application and improved record-keeping. Additionally, the SL10 is offered with an optional 304 Stainless Steel hopper and spinner, providing extra durability and longevity. Whether you need a powerful spreader for large-scale operations or precise application for specific tasks, the SL10 delivers exceptional capability and versatility. Find a Pequea Dealer near you to get the SL10.

SL10 Lime Spreader


Overall Height            92″
Overall Width 96″
Overall Length 20′
Hopper Width (Top)     75″
Hopper Length 11′
Side Angle 60 Degrees
Floor Width 32″
Capacity   240 CU. FT.
Payload 10 ton (20,000 lb)
Empty Weight 6,000 lb
Flow Control Adjustable Flow Control for Conveyors and Spinners
Floor & Chain Heavy Duty 88K Chain on 3/4″ Poly Tongue and Groove Floor
Axle Tandem Heavy Duty Walking Beam
Tire and Wheel 21.5L-16.1SL x 10 Ply
Spinner Disc Diameter 25″
Spinner Disc Thickness      1/4″



Lime Spreader Cut Sheet


SL10 Ops Manual


SL10 Parts manual