Fertilizer Spreaders


One machine for varying crop row widths. The SF5 spreader is a patent pending, one of a kind, granular fertilizer applicator for row crops, orchards and vineyards. The uniqueness of this machine uses conveyor belts to deliver material at various widths depending on crop spacing with the utilization of a track system allowing the rear attachment to expand and contract as desired with ease. Spread width ranges from a minimum spread width of 10 feet to a maximum spread width of 20 feet. The SF5 spreader is also equipped with a ground-breaking safety feature related to the rear conveying attachment. In the event the conveyors come in contact with an object, like a tree or post, the conveyor assembly will rotate about its center axis allowing the obstruction to pass and then return to center without affecting the spreading process. This feature limits equipment damage as well as crop damage if the operator accidently comes in contact with obstructions. As with all Pequea Machine spreaders, the SF5 is equipped with a pto driven hydraulic pump that allows for adjustment of the stainless-steel mesh floor and the conveyor belt providing the ability of fine-tuning spread patterns.

SF5 Fertilizer Spreader


Payload          10,000lbs (5 Ton)
Empty Weight3,600lbs
HydraulicsPTO Pump
Flow ControlAdjustable Flow Control for Conveyors and Spinners
Floor & Chain3/4” SS Mesh
AxleSingle Axle
Tire & Wheel21.5L x 16.1
AttachmentsAdjustable Width Conveyor With Break-Away Pivot
Overall Height76″
Overall Width128″
Overall Length174”
Hopper Width72”
Hopper Length10’ (120”)
Floor Width12”
Capacity4.5 Cu yd (Struck)
5.2 Cu yd (Heaped)
Power Requirements40HP



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