The Benefits of American Made Farm Equipment

The development of farming practices thousands of years ago marked the start of the Neolithic Revolution, giving rise to permanent settlements and empires. Today, farming is still one of the most essential industries in the world, and with 878 million acres of farmland, the United States is one of the world's largest food producers.

Just the same, the American market for farm equipment is extensive, and many farmers around the world place high value on outfitting their operations with tools and machines made in the U.S. Let's take a look at the development and importance of American-made farming equipment to show you why.

The Beginnings of American Farming Equipment

Before the development of the engine, farming relied on animals like horses, oxen and mules to pull machinery for land preparation, planting and harvesting. With millions of square miles to cover and a quickly growing population, the U.S. needed farming equipment that could keep up with the huge demand.

Enter the engine that could — the tractor.

In 1892, a few years after the invention of the internal combustion engine, a small Iowan farmer named John Froelich invented the first gasoline-powered tractor with forward and reverse gears. Engine-powered farm equipment would trigger an enormous shift in the capacity of American farming.

Today, tractors form a key part of modern farming methods, but there are many other types of equipment farmers use, such as:

  • Balers
  • Combines
  • Plows
  • Backhoes
  • Rakes
  • Seeders
  • Spreaders
  • Harvesters
  • Trailers

There are also hundreds of different types of attachments and accessories farmers can use to perform unique tasks and speed up their work.

The Evolution of Farm Equipment for Modern Farming Practices

With the rise of technology, farming machinery is becoming more advanced. In the 1990s, for example, the development of GPS technology gave farmers the ability to map their crop yield and soil quality.

Automation technology that includes self-driven tractors, drones and automated harvesters is changing the game. In addition to equipment updates, the use of software and artificial intelligence is helping farmers collect data and develop more accurate projections and insights into their crops and fields.

The impact of technology on agriculture is far-reaching, and new developments are bringing the industry forward by leaps and bounds.

The Importance of Supporting American Manufacturing

So, why should you invest in equipment made in the U.S.? Here are a few ways buying American farming equipment can benefit you:

1. Economic Impacts

One of the most important advantages of purchasing American-made farm equipment is the economic benefits. In a globalized world, a computer can have components from a dozen different countries. This spreads profits out across many countries. Supporting American manufacturing, first and foremost, ensures you're putting your money back into your own country's economy.

The positive economic impacts of buying American-made equipment include:

  • Supporting local economies and jobs: When you buy American, you're sustaining many local businesses and jobs, from the manufacturing production lines to the service technicians. You can feel good knowing you're supporting hard-working Americans like you.
  • Strengthening the U.S. agricultural industry: The agricultural industry is made up of large industrial operations and small family farms — and every single one is important to the U.S. economy. Buying American promotes more stability and self-reliance in the agriculture sector.
  • Contributing to national economic growth: While our economy relies on globalization, supporting American agriculture can reduce our dependency on foreign imports. Maintaining a U.S. production chain ensures profits circle back into local economies, driving economic growth.

2. Quality Assurance

When you see the “Made in the U.S.” label on products, it means you can trust that renowned American craftsmanship is behind those items. Farming equipment made in America comes from factories with high standards for their manufacturing processes. The machinery undergoes strict quality control to ensure the reliability of its performance and efficiency.

American brands pride themselves on how their machinery mirrors the grit and dedication of the people who use it. Investing in American-made farming equipment means you'll get a product that works as hard as you do.

Buying American machinery can also give you the assurance that your equipment meets environmental and safety standards. You'll likely have access to a wide range of options with advanced engineering and technology made with the American farmer's needs in mind.

3. Local Support and Service

In addition to economic benefits and quality assurance, having American-made machines will make it easier to find parts and services when your equipment needs them.

When you choose equipment made in the U.S., you don't have to wait for parts to be shipped from overseas or be subject to higher taxes and delivery costs. American brands also take pride in their strong customer service and support networks, and you can trust that those teams know your equipment inside and out.

When you purchase American-made equipment from local equipment dealers, you're investing in your own success. A stronger agricultural industry means greater investment and more profits.

4. Ethical Considerations

Buying American can also reassure any ethical concerns you might have about purchasing products from other countries.

The United States has some of the most stringent labor laws. This means the workers employed by agricultural equipment manufacturers must comply with strict standards to ensure the safety of their laborers, such as the laws and regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Laws and regulations in the U.S. also hold manufacturing companies accountable for their environmental impacts. The Environmental Protection Agency requires many types of businesses to report their greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Research and Development

Innovations in agriculture come from dedicated researchers who find and develop ways to optimize farming practices, from bioengineering crops for pest resistance to building and programming self-driving tractors. However, no innovation is possible without investment.

When you purchase American-made equipment, it increases the importance this industry has on the American economy as a whole. Elevating its status leads to more grants — many of them from the government — which researchers can use to continue developing better ways to optimize farming equipment for the needs of the modern farmer.

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