Why are tedders the best tool for making high-quality hay?


Why are Hay Tedders considered to be the best tool for making high-quality dry hay and forage?

Better Control of Moisture Content

One of the biggest challenges in hay production is controlling the moisture content of the hay. Too much moisture can lead to mold and spoilage, while too little can result in brittle and dusty hay. A hay tedder gives the farmer a better way to control moisture content for baling dry hay or putting up wetter forage hay. By lifting and spreading the hay, the tedder allows air to circulate around the hay, promoting faster and more even drying.

Speeds up Drying Time

Getting ahead of Mother Nature is always an issue when it comes to hay production. A sudden rainstorm can ruin a whole crop of hay, leading to significant losses for the farmer. A hay tedder speeds up the drying time, giving the farmer the option to beat the weather.

Controls Hay Color

Hay color is an essential factor in the hay market. The color of the hay can indicate its quality, freshness, and nutritional value. A hay tedder gives the farmer better control over the hay's color, allowing them to produce hay that meets the market's demands. By spreading the hay out evenly, a hay tedder ensures that all parts of the hay receive equal exposure to sunlight, resulting in consistent coloring.


Provides Flexibility


A hay tedder gives the farmer flexibility when making high-quality hay. It shortens the window between weather events, allowing the farmer to work around rainstorms and other weather conditions. This flexibility allows the farmer to produce high-quality hay consistently, even in challenging weather conditions.

Consistency with Preserving Nutrients

High-energy legumes, such as alfalfa, can be challenging to preserve. These types of hay are highly nutritious, but they can quickly lose their nutritional value if not harvested and dried correctly. A hay tedder helps to preserve the nutrients by ensuring that the hay dries quickly and evenly, reducing the risk of mold and other forms of spoilage.


Full Control of Spread Pattern

Pequea's premium 7 arm rotor tedders offer full control of the preferred spread pattern, allowing farmers to achieve the best dry-down results possible. The spread pattern can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the hay and the field, ensuring that every part of the hay receives equal exposure to sunlight and air.


A hay tedder is an essential tool for any farmer looking to produce high-quality dry hay and forage. It provides better control over moisture content, speeds up drying time, controls hay color, provides flexibility, preserves nutrients, and offers full control over the spread pattern. Pequea offers a full range of hay tedders to meet the needs of every farmer, making hay production easier and more efficient than ever before.



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