For the equine enthusiast or gentleman farmer Pequea's model 25G to 80PTO manure spreaders demonstrate big abilities in a compact size. Easily maneuvered in tight spaces, these compact manure spreaders allow for in-stall loading, making clean out easy and efficient. 

Struck Capacity          36 cu. ft.
Heaped (Old Rating) Capacity    50 bu.
Overall Length 12' 6"
Overall Width 54"
Loading Height 35"
Flared Width 43"
Box Width 36"
Box Length 84"
Box Height 18"
Box Construction  Fully Welded 12 Ga. Steel
Floor Construction High Density Poly Vinyl 3/4" T & G
Beater Paddles 8 Replaceable
Beater Diameter 21"
Drive PTO with 1 Speed Gearbox
Apron Chain     5/16" T-Rod
Spindle 1-5/8"
Wheels/Tires 6.40 x 15 Implement Tire on 15 x 6-6 Bolt Hub
Jack 2,000 lb
Weight with Tires 1,000 lb
Tongue Weight Empty 60 lb
Tongue Weight Loaded      100 lb
PTO Power Required 15 HP