Compact Manure Spreaders


For the equine enthusiast or gentleman farmer Pequea’s model 25G to 80PTO manure spreaders demonstrate big abilities in a compact size. Easily maneuvered in tight spaces, these compact manure spreaders allow for in-stall loading, making clean out easy and efficient. Explore our other Manure Spreaders or AG Products today, or find a Pequea Dealer near you.


Struck Capacity          57 cu. ft.
Heaped (Old Rating) Capacity    80 bu.
Overall Length 14′ 5″
Overall Width 63 1/2″
Loading Height 39″
Flared Width 47 1/2″
Box Width 40″
Box Length 104″
Box Height 20″
Box Construction  Fully Welded 12 Ga. Steel
Floor Construction High Density Poly Vinyl 3/4″ T & G
Beater Paddles 8 Replaceable
Beater Diameter 20″
Drive PTO with 1 Speed Gearbox
Apron Chain     7/16″ T-Rod
Spindle 1-3/4″
Wheels/Tires 9.50 x 15 Implement Tire on 15 x 6-6 Bolt Hub
Jack 2,000 lb
Base Weight 928 lb
Tongue Weight Empty 60 lb
PTO Power Required 18 HP



  • Offer wide and even spread pattern
  • Engineered for maximum application
  • Constructed of durable 1/4″ steel
  • Detachable for easy replacement if necessary



80P Parts manual


50P & 80P Ops Manual


Compact Spreader Brochure