Upgrading Hay Equipment

Find a Dealer Near You Farmers have been producing hay for centuries. It’s a skill that requires diligence and dedication. Farmers put time and effort into creating quality hay. They spend early mornings mowing, tedding, raking, bailing and hauling in rain or sunshine. Today, hay production can require less manual labor to produce the same…

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Tilt Bed Trailer vs. Ramps

Everyone with a trailer has had to deal with loading something too heavy or awkward to lift on their own. As a result, you need a ramp or a tilt bed trailer. Adding an incline lets you quickly load equipment and objects onto your trailer, reducing injury and difficulty. However, you might need help lining…

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Farm Equipment Safety Tips

farm safety with tractor

Farm accidents happen more often than you might realize. Every day, about 100 agricultural workers suffer an injury that causes them to miss time on the job, which is far higher than in many other industries. Heavy equipment such as tractors and plows are the leading cause of these accidents, as they require lots of skill and…

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History of Farm Machinery

farm machine history

The world of farm machinery has come a long way since using mules and other animals to tackle everyday tasks. Over the past several centuries, farming technology changes have become widespread, transforming the lives of farmers worldwide. Between modern plowing equipment and refined farming methods, agriculture has become more streamlined and organized — and the…

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7 Tips for Buying Farm Equipment

tips for buying farm equipment

Buying new farm equipment is a major commitment. The agricultural industry is always changing, and the latest machines offer technological advances in comfort, usability, efficiency and life span. Upgrading your equipment could make a substantial difference for your farm, but only if you know what to look for when buying new farm equipment. Find a…

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Farm Equipment Machine Maintenance Tips

Farm machine maintenance tips

Maintaining farm equipment is one of an agricultural professional’s most essential jobs — proper maintenance can protect your investment, preserve worker safety and ensure maximum efficiency. Farm machines represent a significant investment, and high-quality machines can enhance your productivity and performance. Once you’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment, you’ll want to extend its working lifespan as…

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How Are California’s Grapes Harvested

how are california grapes harvested

California is well-known for its wine and the excitement that comes along with harvest season. Vineyards all have their own opinions on growing the best grapes, achieving the best flavor and harvesting grapes for wine in California. Wine can be a costly yet lucrative industry, so much thought goes into caring for the vines. Growing…

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5 Tips For Reducing Dust During Your Almond Harvest

Reducing dust harvest

As an almond farmer, you’re familiar with harvest dust production. When your machine collects the nuts, fans blow away excess dirt and debris — it’s part of the process and has been for a long time. However, California’s Almond Board has set new regulations and goals for controlling dust pollution. From now on, you’ll have…

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