How Are California’s Grapes Harvested

how are california grapes harvested

California is well-known for its wine and the excitement that comes along with harvest season. Vineyards all have their own opinions on growing the best grapes, achieving the best flavor and harvesting grapes for wine in California. Wine can be a costly yet lucrative industry, so much thought goes into caring for the vines. Growing…

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5 Tips For Reducing Dust During Your Almond Harvest

Reducing dust harvest

As an almond farmer, you’re familiar with harvest dust production. When your machine collects the nuts, fans blow away excess dirt and debris — it’s part of the process and has been for a long time. However, California’s Almond Board has set new regulations and goals for controlling dust pollution. From now on, you’ll have…

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Are You Losing Hay Every Harvest?

Are You Losing Hay Every Harvest? Losing some of your hay can greatly impact your harvest’s profitability. Mowing your crop estimates 2% to 3% loss, and other parts of harvesting — like raking, baling and storage — can yield losses as much as 21%. So, protecting your hay harvest is critical. Here, you’ll learn eight tips…

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