Vertical Horizontal Beater Spreaders

VHS-600 Vertical Beater

Pequea quality in a 600 cu/ft manure spreader!
Boost your farm’s productivity with the VHS-600 vertical or horizontal beater manure spreader, the perfect balance of power, capacity, and robust design. Offering a substantial 600-bushel carrying capacity, this workhorse can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. Crafted from rugged Cor-ten steel, it promises longevity and exceptional performance in the harshest conditions.

Its 30-inch beater ensures an evenly distributed spread, optimizing soil fertility and crop yield. Make the smart choice for your farm; invest in the VHS-600, and watch your productivity soar.


Overall Length 27′ 9″
Overall Width 9′ 3″
Overall Height 10’9″ (14’6″ w/ End Gate Up)
Main Box Length 18′
Loading Height 8′
Box Width (Bottom/Top Width) 60″ At Floor – 86″ At Top of Flare
Carrying Capacity 34,000 lb
Tongue weight  1207 lb. + Payload x 0.24 = Tongue Weight
Capacity 14.8 cu yd/400 cu ft (Struck)

22.2 cu yd/605 cu ft (Heaped)

PTO RPM Slip Clutch 1000 rpm 1-3/8″ Spline
Beater Diameter 30″
Beater RPM 420 rpm
Adjustable Floor Speed Infinite 0-15 ft/min
Floor Chain Type WH124 Engineering Class Pintle Chain w/ Hardened Pins (Rated 50,000lbs)
Hopper Box Construction Cor-Ten Steel
Hydraulic Remote Requirements 2 Set of Hydraulics Remotes
Hydraulic Requirements 10 GPM at 2000 psi
Min PTO HP 150 Min. HP
Axle Dual Tandem w/ Walking Beam
Tire 560/60R 22.5
Empty Weight 13,300 lb




VHS-600 - Cut Sheet