Turbo Tedders


Need something bigger than a 4-rotor tedder but still on a tight budget? The HT6201 was designed for those who need to maximize working width with a minimal amount of road travel. This tedder offers a 26’ 6” working width and has the heavy-duty American made quality you want. All TurboTedders™  feature seven asymmetrical tines per rotor mounted on arms made from durable pipe. Heavy enclosed oil-bath gearboxes include a 5 year warranty. At the pivot points, power is transferred to the rotors through carburized finger drives. All of this rides smoothly atop the patent pending “T-Flex” rubber torsion suspension. Hydraulic fold and tilt are also standard, so there’s no need to leave the tractor until the job is done.

HT6201 Turbo Tedder


Working Width 26′ 6″
Transport Width 9′ 2″ Non-Carted
Transport Heigh 10′ 4″
Overall Transport Length 17′ 3″
Number of Rotors 6
Tine Arms per Rotor 7
Linkage Trailed
Rotor Tire 18.5 x 8
Weight  lb
Hydraulic Requirement 1,700 psi
Hydraulic Ports Required 2
PTO Power Requirement 45 hp
Rotor Gearbox Enclosed Grease
Center Gearbox Oil Bath
Tine Arm Material 1″ Schedule 80 Pipe
Rotor Spindle Wheel Hub 4-Bolt with Tapered Bearings
Transport Lights Optional



  • The 6201 boasts a 26’ 6” working width with 6 rotors. Dollar for dollar, it offers the most value in the tedder market.
  • The HT6201 is the only tedder on the market with suspension under it’s rotors. The center two rotors on the 6201 feature “T-Flex,” a patent-pending rubber torsion suspension that protect the spindle during transport and create a smoother ride in the field, increasing the durability of the tedder.
  • Like all HT Series Tedders, the HT6201 features tubular tine arms. Tubular arms provide extra durability in the field. A shot-peened double tine slides over the arm for easy install.



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