Rotary Rakes


Pequea’s HR-24TS is a dual rotor rake that can either be used to rake two separate windrows or one large windrow, depending on your needs. The 24TS features two heavy duty 13 Arm rotors, a hydraulically adjustable curtain and lift cylinders under both rotors. This highly adaptable and versatile machine is the ultimate rotary rake.

HR24TS Rotary Rake


Working Width           15-27′
Raking Width13-24′
Transport Width100″
Gear Reduction9.7:1
Number of Rotors2
Tine Arms per Rotor 13
Double Tines per Arm4
PTO HP Requirement50 HP
Hydraulic Requirement8 GPM/1800 psi
Direction of Raking Action     Left
AxleWalking Beams
Tire and Wheel18.5 x 8 Flotation Tire on 4 Bolt Painted Steel Rim



  • Height stop adjustment easily reached on the bogie axle. The dual tandem option shown is available on both front and rear units for max flotation.
  • Large commercial sealed gearbox. Stub arms accessible for maintenance without having to remove the gearbox.
  • Only two SCV’s are needed to operate. A simple control box allows user to switch one SCV from steer to curtain adjustment. The other raises and lowers the rake.
  • Trailing unit pivots independently of the front, up to 20 degrees either direction. This allows for cleaner raking and less stress on the frame in uneven terrain.
  • The TS-24 has a parallel tongue to maximize lift height and swivel hitch for travel over rolling ground. Drive train is protected by a slip clutch on each gearbox.



HR24TS Ops Manual (SN 87500+)


HR24TS Ops Manual


HR24TS Parts (-87500)


HR24TS Parts (87500+)


Pequea Rake Brochure