Rotary Rakes


Pequea’s HR-24TS is a dual rotor rake that can either be used to rake two separate windrows or one large windrow, depending on your needs. The 24TS features two heavy duty 13 Arm rotors, a hydraulically adjustable curtain and lift cylinders under both rotors. This highly adaptable and versatile machine is the ultimate hay rotary rake. Explore our other Rotary Rakes and AG Products or find a Pequea Dealer near you today!


Working Width            15-27′
Raking Width 13-24′
Transport Width 100″
Gearbox Sealed
Gear Reduction 9.7:1
Number of Rotors 2
Tine Arms per Rotor  13
Double Tines per Arm 4
PTO HP Requirement 50 HP
Hydraulic Requirement 8 GPM/1800 psi
Direction of Raking Action      Left
Weight 3,840
Axle Walking Beams
Tire and Wheel 18.5 x 8 Flotation Tire on 4 Bolt Painted Steel Rim



  • Height stop adjustment easily reached on the bogie axle. The dual tandem option shown is available on both front and rear units for max flotation.
  • Large commercial sealed gearbox. Stub arms accessible for maintenance without having to remove the gearbox.
  • Only two SCV’s are needed to operate. A simple control box allows user to switch one SCV from steer to curtain adjustment. The other raises and lowers the rake.
  • Trailing unit pivots independently of the front, up to 20 degrees either direction. This allows for cleaner raking and less stress on the frame in uneven terrain.
  • The TS-24 has a parallel tongue to maximize lift height and swivel hitch for travel over rolling ground. Drive train is protected by a slip clutch on each gearbox.



HR24TS Ops Manual (SN 87500+)


HR24TS Ops Manual


HR24TS Parts (-87500)


HR24TS Parts (SN 87500-99049)


HR24TS Parts (SN 99050 - xxxxxx)


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