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Pequea Big Dump Trailers

These low profile dump trailers offer the ability to haul your equipment to the job and then use it to fill the dump body with a monster payload.

Available in lengths of 16′ and 18′ with a GVWR of up to 25,000 (with dual axles), the Big Dump is no joke. It is available in a bumber pull or gooseneck configuration. Features include a scissor hoist with dual cylinders and a hydraulic gate that latches itself when closed.

Big Dump Trailer Features


Bed Length 16′ 18′
Bed Width 91” 91”
Bed Heigth 39” 39”
Struck Capacity 485 cu ft ( 18 cu yd ) 546 cu ft ( 20.2 cu yd )
Side Panels 4′ 4′
Lift 12 ton scissor hoist 12 ton scissor hoist
Dump Angle 50° 50°
Main Frame 10” x 15.3 lb Structural Channel 10” x 15.3 lb Structural Channel
Axles Available up to 25,000lb GVWR Available up to 25,000 GVWR
Suspension Slipper Springs or Torflex Slipper Springs or Torflex
Hitch Aframe or Gooseneck Aframe or Gooseneck
Coupler Adj. 2 5/16” Ball Coupler Adj. 2 5/16” Ball Coupler
Jack 10,000lb Drop Leg 10,000lb Drop Leg
Approx Weight 6,500lbs 7,300lbs



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