Pequea’s biggest rotary tedder, the TT8101, has all the features you could want in a commercial tedder including carbo-austempered input gears, heavy duty 1-1/8” hexagonal driveshafts, and a 16NM Radial Pin Clutch PTO. This tedder is built to last. With a 35’ working width, it will save you time and money. Like all of the TurboTedders™ it also features seven arms per rotors, with asymmetrical tines on arms made from heavy pipe for durability. Heavy enclosed commercial gearboxes include a include a 5 year warranty. At the pivot points, power is transferred efficiently to the rotors through carboaustempered finger drives. Hydraulic fold and tilt are also standard, so there’s no need to leave the tractor until the job is done.


Q: Why seven round arms on each rotor?

A: Only a premium tedder offers torsion tube arms. Tube arms are very strong and very consistant. Seven arms gives the operator more options. You can run the tedder slower to fluff and save leaves, it also takes smaller bites of hay for better disbursment. This means more even dry down and the hay will rake more consistantly.

Working Width          35'
Transport Width 11' 6" Carted
Overall Transport Length 19' 4"
Number of Rotors 8
Tine Arms per Rotor     7
Linkage Trailed
Rotor Tire 18.5 x 8
Weight  lb
Hydraulic Requirement 1,200 psi
PTO Power Requirement    45 hp
Rotor Gearbox Enclosed Grease
Center Gearbox Oil Bath
Tine Arm Material 1" Schedule 80 Pipe
Rotor Spindle Wheel Hub     4-Bolt with Tapered Bearings
Transport Lights Optional