Spreading in Vineyards and Orchards can be tricky. With tight row spacing, it is important to select a spreader that best suits you. Pequea's V12G (gabled model) adds carrying capacity and like the standard V-12 is designed as a combination between a low and narrow profile but adds capacity thus requiring less loading and travel time. With five removable attachment options and variable web and spinner speed, the V12G is sure to get the job done.

Overall Height            60"
Overall Width 77 1/2"
Overall Length 20' - 20' 7" (Depending on Attachment)
Hopper Width (Top)     6'
Hopper Length 14'
Floor Width 32"
Capacity   200 CU. FT.
Payload 17,600 lb
Empty Weight 4,000 lb
Hydraulics PTO Pump
Flow Control Adjustable Flow Control for Conveyors and Spinners
Floor & Chain Heavy Duty 88K Chain on 3/4" Poly Tongue and Groove Floor
Axle Tandem Walking Beam
Tire and Wheel 18L x 16.1
Attachments Five Removable Options (See Photos/Videos Tab)
Power Requirements      75 Hp